Ford Engineering, Inc. has been providing civil engineering, surveying and planning services to clients throughout the state of Texas since 1978. Below is a sampling of the variety of projects completed.

Live Oak Road Water Plant Expansion – City of Schertz

Live Oak Rd Water Plant Projects

Live Oak Road Water Plant is the central receiving location of the Schertz Seguin Local Government Corporation (SSLGC) water from the Carrizo Aquifer for the City of Schertz. From this plant water is distributed to all of Schertz as well as supplied to Universal City and Selma. The purpose of the project was to increase storage and distribution capacity to meet increasing demand due to development and supply to neighboring municipalities.

Ford Engineering was involved in the master plan of the water system from the start; determining the size of storage capacity, as well as modeling the necessary pumping enhancement required to meet the increasing demand. Ford Engineering facilitated the purchase of property adjacent to existing plant site by providing professional surveying services.

The project included the design and preparation of plans for a 7.5 million gallon pre-stressed wire-wound, concrete ground storage tank and pump station modifications. The design of the yard piping was to make sure that the existing 1.5 million gallon steel storage tank and the new 7.5 million gallon GST would both tie to the existing pump header. The 1.5 million gallon GST could not overflow as the 7.5 million gallon GST was filling. The TCL of both tanks are the same, with the foundation of the 7.5 million gallon tank being about 10 feet lower than the smaller GST. Valves and pressure sensors were installed to allow control of each tank volume via the SCADA.

The three vertical can pumps providing water to the high pressure zone were modified to increase pumping capacity. Pumps 1 and 2 were both modified to increase head from 195 to 295 feet of TDH and from 2100 GPM to 2400 GPM by increasing motor size from 150 to 200 HP and modifying the bowls. The 16” APCO check valves were removed from the pump station piping and 12 inch CLA VAL pump control valves were installed. Pump 3 was modified as well to increase total dynamic head from 195 to 295 feet of TDH by upgrading the pump from a 250 HP motor to 300 HP motor and modifying the bowls. The 18” APCO check valve was removed from the pump station piping and a 16” pump control valve was installed. The new motors required changes to the existing motor control centers. Further SCADA improvements were made for monitoring of the pump control valve and pump operations.

Three McCrometer propeller meters were installed onto the existing receiving main and the distribution mains to improve metering capabilities for determining the amount of water entering the site and the amount of water leaving the site.

Medina Base Road – Phase 1 – City of San Antonio

 Medina Base Road_projects

Ford Engineering, Inc. was the Prime Consultant for the design and reconstruction of 6,800 LF of Medina Base Road from Loop 410 to Five Palms eliminating flooding of residential lots in the Lackland Heights Subdivision, removing the low water crossing at Indian Creek and expanding the roadway from 3 lanes to 5 lanes with a 6’ sidewalk and a 10’ multi use path.

Design included 60-foot span bridge at Indian Creek to convey the 100-year flood event, 2,500 linear feet of storm drainage system, replacement of an 8’x6’ box culvert, the addition of 1,600 feet of grass-lined and concrete-lined channel, reconstruction of approximately 6,800 linear feet of street, relocation of water, sewer and gas, and right-of-way acquisition.

In addition to the street and drainage improvements, traffic signals at Palm Valley and Five Palms were upgraded to match the new street section. The design included the addition of 1,900 LF of additional roadway and widening the roadway to 5 lanes. Right-of-way was acquired to allow for future expansion at the Five Palms approach to Medina Base Road.

Evans PZ 11A Booster Station Improvements Project – San Antonio Water System

San Antonio Water System Evans Booster pump station projects

Ford Engineering, Inc. was the Civil Engineering consultant for this Design-Bid-Build project working directly for the San Antonio Water System. The purpose of this project was to upgrade the Pressure Zone (PZ) 11A booster pump station located on the Evans Pump Station site at 22401 Bulverde Road, San Antonio, Texas. PZ 11A was being served by an existing temporary pump station. SAWS wanted to remove the temporary station and upgrade the system to a permanent booster station with a new electrical switchgear system and bypass line to more efficiently serve customers in the higher pressure zone and provide additional capacity for future demands. The project was divided into a preliminary engineering report (PER) phase and design, bid and construction phases.

FEI performed a tree and topographic survey of the 2.2-acre site. FEI investigated pump configuration alternatives to deliver the optimum pump selection while considering project cost and operational efficiency. System head curves were provided by SAWS and were used to make pump and motor selections to meet the required duty points with optimum efficiency. FEI evaluated multiple pump manufacturers and coordinated with suppliers to make an informed decision on the best pumps and to determine pricing. Recommendations for yard piping, foundations, fittings, site demolition, metal canopies, etc. were also made. FEI prepared a preliminary noise analysis based on pump selections to determine the impacts of the pump station on a nearby residential neighborhood. FEI prepared a construction phasing and sequencing plan which discussed anticipated station shutdowns to facilitate construction, contractor material staging and access. FEI prepared a drainage analysis of the site to determine the effects of the added impervious area on downstream drainage facilities.

Due to the projects location over the Edward’s Aquifer, coordination with TCEQ was required to ensure construction activities would not cause pollutants to be carried downstream by runoff. The project required erosion control, existing site demolition, dimensional control, site grading, storm drain design, water line extensions for distribution service and a tree preservation plan. FEI worked with its sub-consultants to ensure a quality project would be delivered to the owner. FEI coordinated with the owner, Electrical Engineer and Structural Engineer to prepare the site plan and site work permit packages to be submitted to the City of San Antonio for review and approval. FEI also submitted the plans to TCEQ for their approval.

Wild Wind Subdivision – City of Garden Ridge

Wild Wind Collage_med

Ford Engineering, Inc. provided civil engineering and surveying services for the Wild Wind Subdivision, in the City of Garden Ridge, Texas. Wild Wind is a Natural Habitat that nestles a custom, Single Family Residential Development in among its heritage oak trees and is based on an innovative process called “Coving”. Coving is a method of land development in which the natural habitat is conserved and the homes are constructed in a fashion that no home looks directly into the windows of another. The development consists of three units and contains numerous lots ranging in sizes from ¾ acre to 2.5 acres. The subdivision flows through the natural woodland area and derives its beauty from the surrounding habitat. The mission behind the development of this subdivision was to protect the natural environment and minimize the impact on the wildlife of the area.